Virtual Device Variable - Keep value after reboot?

I am using a virtual device variable to store a value. I have made a page where i can access that value and change it via a textbox. But every time my tablet reboots or the app closes the value resets to what I originally set it to in the designer.
Is there any way to store a value so that it doesn’t reset when the app resets?

I use my vera hub to store variables, some use mqtt. I do not believe you can have a variable value hold after a reboot of the app.

I was thinking about moving it over to a device in Hubitat, but I was thinking that if it was possible to do within HR it would be better.

I second John’s suggestion. I’m using hubitat to do this and it works perfectly. I use the virtual device (dimmer) to keep track of the state each rooms AV mode… TV, firetv, turn table, ect.

Since I have multiple tablets dedicated as a Home Remote controllers it’s a great way to keep them all sync’d up (even on my phone when I’m not at home). I also use these virtual devices in Rule Machine as conditions for things like my motion activated lights.