Volume Command for Sonos Arc

I am trying to setup a repeating button for volume control. I cannot find a command that works I have tried the following bindings

Sonos.Mediacommand= VolumeUp
Sonos.Volume=VolumeUp…This results in volume going to 0%

I can get volume control to work properly with a slider using the Sonos.volume binding But the wife hates the slider and is requesting a button

Sorry if this is a Noob question but any help is appreciated

Normally you would use @Device.MediaCommand=VolumeUp however it looks like that was never implemented in the Sonos integration. Instead you can do @Device.Volume+=1

Thanks for the quick response. For volume down would I do @device.volume-=1?

Yes. That’s is what you will need to do for volume down.

Great I’ll give that a shot tomorrow evening… again thanks for the great support

Thanks @bill one more question. I am trying to set up a toggle button for Mute the action is working as it should but I would like to have the foreground of the icon I am using turn red when mute us enabled and back to white when unmuted. Is there a simple way to accomplish this? I tried using a data setter for changing the property but I feel like I am missing a step

Nevermind Solved it on my own!

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