Wall Mounted Ipad - Clean Design

After 5 years of having the lauchports, I finally got round to creating a design my wife can use :slight_smile:

Home Screen - Shows Options and Local Weather (created from my own plugin for openweather) Backgound is my garden on a sunny day :slight_smile:

Lighting Page with modified tiles with my own light icon - changes to โ€œyellowโ€ bulbs when on.

Heating Controls - Uses Vera as backend and PLEG for logic. Blue Bars turn red when heating in On.

Cameras - Front door switches to full scrren on motion detection, using a small plugin I made.

Home Mode - Infleneces heating etc and lighting scenes in vera. Automatically selected based on movement in house from motion detectors or can be manually selected.

Motion devices and room details. I had to create my own plugin for this to create single devices from child devices in Vera. Even though it comes from a single sensor Vera creates independent devices so I couuldnt natively use devicebrowser without the plugin.