Want main Tile only in Device Browser - No DetailTile

This is my very first project in Home Remote, so I’ve been stumbling over all sorts of beginning hurdles and working my way through them. One that I haven’t been able to even find a way to get started is on changing the behavior of the Device Browser tiles.

I’ve placed an image in the background that corresponds to the floorplan of my house, and I’m trying to place a few appropriate tiles in the corresponding rooms that connect to lights, temp sensors, etc. I’ve gotten the devices hooked up, and the simulator is controlling them as intended. When I click on the wrong spot, though, a detail screen pops up and takes over the whole area for, ie, the dimmer slider on my lights.

How do I completely get rid of that more detailed screen? I’m fine to have this tablet only have on-off control, and I want to enable the floorplan to be modal and not have anything pop up over it ever. I’ve checked the parameters in the device browser instance, I’ve looked at the xaml of the slightly-edited DimmerTile that I’ve worked on… I’m just not sure where to go.

Any pointers?

Relatedly, is there a repository of xaml tiles with ideas to “borrow”? In one really helpful YouTube video I saw a tile for a light switch that had no text and was just a bulb that changed color if the light was on, and something like that would be great for me.


Hey, you can disable the detailTitle. Just go to your device and on properties menu theres an option to assign TitleTemplate and DetailsTemplate. Just delete the DetailsTemplate. Hope thats what you’re looking for.

Good luck!

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You can also uncheck the OpenDetailsOnClick setting for the tile itself.

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Probably a real stupid question.
What if I am getting the opposite?
All my tiles are checked as showing the details page but nothing happens when you click on them (both simulator and iPhone).
Thank you.

You can do either my way or your way. Both will achieve the same result. With my way you don’t have to worry about resetting the DetailsTemplate after syncing new devices. With your way, you’d need the Designer every time you wish to sync a new device because the DetailsTemplate property can’t be modified in the apps themselves.

The OpenDetailsOnClick option is perfect for me. I can see how to do both, and for my needs I’ll want to do the same thing for all of my devices so that central option is great.

Now to figure out a small and streamlined icon-based tile!