Web Browser not working

Hi @bill I installed the web browser in the home remote designer, the web browser runs on the Laptop. but when I run on samsung tab. web browser is white only. what happen? thank you

It’s important to understand, the simulator is a Windows app using a Windows web browser styled to look like Android. You may see differences on an actual devices. Especially when it comes to web content in a WebBrowser control. iOS devices use Safari for web browsing, Android use Chrome, etc.

If it’s an older Android device, make sure you have the latest System WebView installed.

i am using android 11. But My destination address is “

This is to call LG Smart V

If I were to guess, maybe it’s using an untrusted certificate. Try loading that URL in the standard Chrome browser & see if it gives you any warnings.

yes its warning, how to solve it?

Hi @bill

how to solve untrusted certificate?

Sorry, your best bet is to Google this. There’s no way to bypass this security issue in the Home Remote’s WebBrowser. You will need to set up / install a trusted certificate on your website. That’s not really my line of expertise. I’m here to answer Home Remote related questions. If you didn’t set up this website, then I recommend contacting the provider of that website.

Thank you @bill . Do you know BacNet? is it possible Home Remote control device with BacNet Protocol?

BacNet is not supported.

ok. Understood @bill