Webhooks Plugin?

I have a raspberry pi where I do my own data parsing for various smart home devices. The RPi runs a webserver and I use HTTP get requests in HR to get status updates for these smart home devices. I’m having issues with polling.

Would it be possible to use webhooks with HR, and if so, how would it work? If I set up a socket server on the RPi, would it be possible to write a plugin to stay connected with this socket server and then receive updates upon changes, thereby removing the need for polling? Additionally, if this were possible, would it be more efficient than polling every X seconds?

Webhooks are posted to other web servers. The Home Remote app is not a server, it is a client application. This isn’t a feature that I can add in a future release or anything like that either. For client apps like Home Remote you should use WebSockets or MQTT if you want to receive events in real time. Both of those can eliminate the need for polling. If it were me, I’d setup an MQTT broker on your Raspberry Pi.

Thanks so much for the explanation. I’ll look into MQTT.