Weird issue with power

This is only possibly related to THR.

My system randomly powers completely off. It only occurs when an iPhone (with THR installed) wanders into range (for the first time in a long time, i.e. 1+ hours). THR is not active (i.e. foreground app) at the time. It’s random but consistent – occurs 2 or 3+ times per day. If the phone stays in range of system it stays powered-up for extended periods of time. I’ve been unable to track down the issue to a singular cause (other than the phone coming into range). I’ve disabled HDMI-CEC controls on the TV (LG OLED from 2017), the Apple TV (newest 4K gen). I wrote the plugin used for the Anthem AVM60 and don’t see anything obviously wrong. Both the TV and Anthem power down when this happens.

I saw you mentioned this in the Anthem thread and my first thought for suggestion would be to Divide And Conquer. Sounds like you’re able reproduce the issue easily, so hopefully won’t take long to figure out. Delete one device at a time from THR and try to reproduce. Just keep removing things until it stops happening. There may be a more logical way to do this but, I’m not that smart. :blush:

Can you reproduce the issue by turning the wifi off (iphone) for a while and turning it back on?

I don’t know for iPhone but I’m pretty sure on Android it’s not connected in the background. When brought to the foreground, a toast message pops up saying connecting and data starts rolling in.

I messed around with your Anthem plugin but I wont have it in production until my wife finishes her painting and renovation so I can put everything back together!