What about a Mac OS App?

There are native apps for iOS, Android and Windows but no Mac App. Given the popularity and low power requirements of the new M1 chip Mac Mini, it could make an awesome and powerful hub controller.

This is coming. Apple working on rolling out a feature that’ll allow silicon Macs to run iOS apps.

The Home Remote should be available there once this goes live. Old Macs without the newer silicon chips won’t be able to access it but your M1 should.

For older Macs, I will need to create an actual Mac build. That’s certainly an option so we’ll keep this topic open.

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I hope you do, as it looks like your Windows app (at least as far as I can tell from the screenshot) can do a lot more than the iOS app does.

We can already run iOS apps on M1 Macs (we have 1 so far) but that wouldn’t include the features of true desktop app. It’s only practical for small, special purpose apps.

You are probably looking at the Designer. The apps & Designer are 2 completely separate packages, even on Windows. On Windows there is the standard app & then there is also the standalone Designer program. There is already a feature request for Designer support on macOS.

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Yes, the Designer looks like the ticket. I think there’s a real call for being able to visually connect different services together to orchestrate intelligent automation. Now everything is stovepiped to their own API. There is one (very old) package for the Mac called Indigo Domain Automation, from indigodomo.com. It achieves some level of control but through a plugin interface (and store). This means that it can be very hard to figure out how to connect one thing to another.

On the other hand there is IFTTT which is only now (through a Pro version) supporting logic (ie.: If it’s after sunset, and Temperature Reading from Weather Station < 10° c then turn on gas fireplace).

There’s not much else on any platform that I know of that supports both a ton of services but also logic branching and easy ways to visualize what’s going on.

i have downloaded and installed the client home remote on mac but i can’t restore a backup, when i click on restore the app crash and close. Is there anyone else facing this problem? i am using a M2 Mac with MacOS 14 Sonoma.

I wrote this in a previous topic and it works on windows.
“Yes. I have solved it with a workaround. When I open HR start page, I roll out the page with setting. I choose another page (not start page) and then click on settings. It then works. I have 3 iPads with different set up and I works on all of them”