What can I do to help you? This is my point of view at the moment

Hello everybody…
I introduce myself as Marcio, as they say here in my country (Brazil) “Integrator” I develop an interface on the Android iPad for home automation. Question 1: As for Home Remote software, what can I expect from it to develop my solutions (End User Interface) for my customers?
Question 2:
Is this project commercial in order to “provide profit”? Or a project for the community involved, and this, over time, after being “solid” and “evolved”, reaches the point of being acquired by another company and leaving the others without support??? Anyone who knows what I’m asking will know what I really mean…
Question 3: It’s not a question, it’s a statement. Already done, 2 HR based projects in 2 weeks, was it easy? answer: No. I really studied the A~Z Forum. and here I leave my analysis, HR has a lot to improve in relation to other software on the market. I know that here at the moment I can be “banned” for being so direct, but that’s how I see it, I have a lot of experience in this type of software, since my beginning it was something around Philips TSU1000, then I went through PEP and RTI and Demopad and iRule etc… I’ve had contact with this one in the past (HR), but this one was very limited due to my production interfaces, it didn’t work. Today I’m back, everything has changed, but it seems to me that much of the case remains the same, the IDE itself is no longer up to date, something is wrong in my opinion!!! My point of view, sorry if I didn’t express myself well, maybe next time I’ll say something more direct
And calm down everyone there, let’s debate a lot, until what already exists improves.

I think your post is best suited for the admins… Try here : https://thehomeremote.com/support

If other systems have more to offer perhaps you should just take that route. I mean your correspondence seems to indicate that you are looking for a better solution so perhaps these other offerings are not so great after all. Home Automation on any meaningful scale has never been as easy as opening a box and pluging something into a wall and as a integrator you should be thankful for that otherwise you would be out of business real fast. I actually prefer having to figure things out but that is just me. I came from iRule and from my experience HR made iRule seem like ms-dos in comparison. I have also found that the support from Bill and his willingness to quickly implement reasonable features, and fix issues that may very well impact only one user excel when compared to iRule or more generally speaking any tech oriented major corporation. There are many factors at play here and for many Home Remote offers the most flexibility in design, functionality and support at a extremely reasonable price versus other offerings on the market. It can also be as simple or complex as you need it to be… Your questions about the future direction of Home Remote are not for me to answer but since Home Remote Designer and apps are not cloud based in themselves, that is a plus that gives the end user more control than cloud based solutions.

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