What have you done today with or to your Home Remote?

Tell us what have you done today with your home remote app or designer? Just for fun, post up anything you’ve done like, turn on a light, started creating a plug-in, modified icons, created a new page, added a device, ect. ect… Anything goes. :+1:

Hopefully, as time goes by, this thread will be a good resource for ideas and for what others are doing.

Let me start…
Over the last several months I’ve been renovating my basement so, today, I created a basement floorplan, I added 4 Lutron Caseta dimmers, a Aqara temp/Rh sensor, and a smartthings plug (for a space heater).

If you press the basement floorplan, it opens a pop-up (page browser).


My remote has been mostly built out for years so it’s rare I get to add anything. I realized that while it’s so convenient to use, my enjoyment really came from creating it. But I did recently have an idea that I got to implement that was quite fun and practical. What you see that’s in the teal color is new. Details from the home screen of exactly what’s happening in each room. Then if you tap the area in teal, it’s a shortcut that will take you directly to that control.


I Photoshopped a button and added it to my Patio activities to open the Traeger Grill App. The Traeger Wood Fired Grills with “WiFire” have an app so you can control/monitor temps. There’s no official API but, the app has so many features that I would rather just use it than try to integrate with HR. The button just makes for a quick shortcut to open the app.

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