What is the best way to handle to many control icons on 1 page


I am trying to find a direction for my searching. Currently I have a Bluray player that I control using a standard page with icons. I use a iphone with Home Remote. When I have to many control icons, I end up shrinking the icons. I have found that bigger icons work nicely. So here is my though:

Can I use some sore of Browser/Box tied to to buttons that can be pushed to make switch between control icon.

When I say control icons like this example

Directional up down left right enter

different group
Play pause stop ff rewind next chapter

I hope my question explains properly what I would like to accomplish


I accomplish this using the designer. Make a page, draw a button. Select the button, then at the bottom right add an event trigger which is activated when “clicked”. Next, you will add your binding. This will be the name of the device and then the command. So for the one in the screenshot, my device is “Living Kodi” and the command is “Media Command”. Then you can see where it shows “value” I have added “Select.” This will be different for each device.

So now you can see that you can draw a bunch of buttons on a page and assign them whatever values you wish from whatever device you wish.

Let me know if you have other questions.