When are new scenes and devices added to my controller available in the app

I have a long time ago added my Zipato controller to the android app.
I have now added new devices and scenes in my controller, but they do not appear in Home Remote.
I press ‘+’ followed by existing device. I get a mixed list of devices, groups and scenes.
My newly added items do not appear in the list. On the contrary, some deleted items still appear.
How do I force the app to download a fresh configuration from my controller?

synchronize your device

Do a sync as John says to add your new scenes. A sync will not delete your existing scenes though. You’ll need to go to the Settings page & select the existing scene, then delete it. You’ll have to go through them 1-by-1.

I am a new user and I have a similar question. I have several TP-Link (Kasa) devices and I have added a Scene within the Kasa App. I am trying to add the Scene to the IOS app. I have gone to the Settings, Selected the Kasa Smart Device and scanned, but it does not find the Scene.

Is this possible with the default IOS app? Or only using a Designer created hrp.


The TP-Link / Kasa integration does not currently support scenes. Neither the apps or Designer will be able to trigger your scenes.

Bill, I appreciate the information. I was able to setup a Kasa scene via the Home Assistant Integration.

Thank you for the fast response and excellent work.

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