Win 10 app project layout different from designer

I’m tryingto build a simple page for win 10 with 9 camera ( some hikvsion, some netatmo).
In designer i define a grid,create for every single cell a media element and when i run the simulator everything look as expected.
If i import the project in hoem remote app for win10 ( same resolution i use on designer) some cells ovelap others, some don’t fille entire cell.
What am i doing wrong?

That’s tough to say without seeing your project. For your issue with them not filling the cell, it sounds like this could be an issue with the “Stretch” property. Are these HTTP or RTSP streams? If your camera has both options, try whichever one you aren’t currently using. HTTP & RTSP both use different underlying controls so they may behave differently in the cell.

all cameras (except netatmo) use rstp streams. Problem is not only that some camera doesn’t fill the cell, but that strech outside the cell and overlap the others. I don’t know if sending you my project may be helpful, but let me know

Is it just Windows? Have you tested on Android or iOS?

No, i can test on android, but primary use will be on win 10.