Worst case plans if alternative needed?

Hi All,

Having used this software the past few years and learning a little JS and making various plugins I’ve found THR to be amazing value and the support has been first class. Having moved from iRule and trying a few alternatives and stumbling across this I’m wondering if others are thinking about a back up of Bill moves on? I think the only one I think might compete that I’ve heard of could be Home Assistant?

I know a few regulars and contributors from iRule
moved at a similar time to me.


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Fellow iRule immigrator here and yes, I’ve been petrified of this happening. I went through this with iRule and vowed to not do it again. Then I made the mistake of dumping probably 10x the hours into HR. Albeit my HR is 10x more powerful than my iRule remote ever was. I have asked Bill if he would consider selling HR. I would no joke purchase it not to make money but to keep it alive. He wasn’t very receptive to it. I don’t want to put words in his mouth but he basically said to not worry, that he would keep it alive.

With all of that said, I do use Home Assistant and I love it. I don’t know that it could be as customizable as HR, or if so, I think it would take 10x longer to create. But it is a legitimate option. I think you could create most of the functionality with possibly less design.

I played around with Roomie before I came to HR. It was pretty versatile but did have some limitations where I would say HR has none. That was probably 2017-2018; Not sure what Roomie looks like today.

Curious to hear what others have to offer for a plan B.

Hi Greg, yes I remember you from the iRule forums, also @Tarkus. Let’s see how things go… I was so frustrated when iRule ended but HR has been so much better.

Great Post! You all have been reading my mind.
I too came from iRule and don’t want to go down this road again. I was weary about the HR product due to its funding model and only 1 person to support it. However, Bill has been responsive and very supported. The videos and website were very helpful. I also agree that HR is much better than iRule so maybe iRule did us a favor. However, I am still waiting on the LG WebOS update to support port 3001. It’s been a while, since May. I read in another post that Bill got a job which would explain the response time.
Thanks for the tip pertaining to use Home Assistant.

Home Remote has a bit more staying power because iRule used a web based builder which the developer had the ability to pull the plug on at any time. I will re-evaluate the landscape once I purchase another house. Right now my system is packed away in boxes and at the mercy of the future evolution of home automation. We will see what is still relevant as far as my hardware goes when the time comes.

I have come from OtnControls / iRule platform and have been looking for a replacement. I got very excited about homeremote, however it is lacking support for newer LG TVs which I own and the future of homeremote looks possibly a little bit in question. I am kind of thinking possibly going with roomie and would like to get some opinions. The lack of options is frustrating. I also like the software based programming of roomie compared to the web based programing of other platforms.

Looks like Roomie is Apple devices only. That’s too bad.