"writing compatible device not detected!"

I have tried both AP and Smart installs. I found the unlock on my IOS APP. and turned it off. The Broadlink Manager, for Windows, finds the IP address. Is there a json entry that will permit assess to the Broadlink Manager? I am trying to learn and then modify the data string by using the Broadlink Manager json editor (the one that looks like a folder in the upper right corner of the Broadlink Manager. This should, in theory, allow me to manually enter the codes for devices that have no remotes to learn from or learn a device and change the code. Can I even add a device manually to the Broadlink .json file like this: [
“MacAddress”: “EC-0B-AE-3E-08-A0”,
“IpAddress”: “”, ----- IP OF THE BROADLINK RM4 Pro
“Prefix”: “Cyborg”
“data”: {
“NEC Projector”: {