"x hours ago" value with scripting


I’m planning to change my “last modified” information with something more usable. Concrete example: I have a security screen with door sensors and motion sensors. With each sensor, I have a label next to it providing “last modified” value of the variable. This comes from Homeseer as HSLastChange attribute. Unfortunately, when presented on the screen it looks something like “DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM” which is not very easily to read quickly if you have many sensors.

Any ideas in the forum how I could create a script to present this in more readable way? Ideally I would like to build something similar to social media sites with “2h ago” etc. The logic itself is probably easy/trivial to do, but moreover I cannot see an easy way how I could use/invoke this type of script to update labels when respective data values change. Of course I could create new variables and scripting on Homeseer side, but my gut feeling says this should be solved on the app side.

As a feature suggestion that came to my mind: there could be something like formatting function that could be defined (as property) for labels etc. This would be just a standard javascript function that would take the actual label value as input and use the function logic to create the output shown on the screen for the user. A bit similar to Excel formatting that allows user to see a modified representation of the actual value. Not sure if this makes sense though, or there is some other way to do this already.

Thanks for any thoughs!

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This is a feature that could probably be added.