Yamaha Musiccast: Search for a track / show the duration or position

Hi folks,
I’m fairly new with The Home Remote. I watched Brian’s videos (thanks!) and set up my first own apps.
The main reason for me to use The Home Remote is my wish to control all my Yamaha Musiccast devices with all my input devices as smartphones (android) and my notebook (Windows 10). Perhaps later with a tablet, too. That’s not possible with the native app, because it is only available for android or iOS.

Controlling my Musiccast AV-Receiver with The Home Remote works fine. Great!
But I’m missing some details, f.ex.

  • a search over my records / files on my server or

  • the track duration (incl. jumping to a certain position at “xx seconds” with a scroll bar).

I did understand, that these items are not supported by default by the musiccast devices. But they are included in the yamaha API (I found the file YXC_API_Spec_Basic.pdf, posted by Bill in the old forum some years ago).

My question: did anyone manage to apply these functionalities? I think, that this has to be done by a script? If so, is it possible to show me how you managed this?

Remark: I’m not able to write programs / scripts etc. on my own, but I am able (up to a certain level) to apply functional scripts to my needs.

Thanks a lot,

No, those functions haven’t been implemented yet. I went ahead & moved this question into the “Feature Requests” category.

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Hi Bill, thanks for your quick answer. Perhaps any other user did already get that feature? That was my intention, because I think that this will not be your first goal :slight_smile:

No other Home Remote user has these features available for their Yamaha devices. Actually, none of the integrations currently support any Search capability. You can browse music, but you can’t type in words to filter & find items you are looking for. A few of the other integrations do support the 2nd part of your question, track duration. That’s controlled using the MediaPlaybackTime capability. Currently Sonos, HEOS, Onkyo, Integra, & Pioneer are the only devices that have implemented this capability.

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Ok, my mistake. I thought that this would be possible with the use of scripts.

You could perhaps write your own plugin but you can’t add this functionality to the existing Yamaha MusicCast integration. I’ve been meaning to add MediaPlaybackTime support to MusicCast but I just haven’t gotten around to that yet.

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