Yamaha RX-V3071 stopped working with HR 4.3.0 update


After updating iPhones and iPads (current iOS/iPadOS, etc.) on Friday to HR 4.3.0, my Yamaha RX-V3071 has stopped responding to the App over IP. No feedback, etc. It still works on the Builder simulator no issue and functions normally in all other Apps. All other devices still functioning, including other Yamaha receivers.

I notice in the release notes: Added support for older Yamaha receivers (RX-V3900)

Not sure what that translates to, but the Builder has not changed so I am unsure how to proceed. I am guessing it is not a coincidence.


Any chance you can setup port forwarding so I can connect to this remotely & troubleshoot?

Hi Bill,

Happy to do whatever I can to help, but will need some guidance.

Just emailed your support email.


Here’s some info on how to setup port forwarding. Basically you just need to add an entry for your Yamaha receiver’s IP address & port 80. Most receivers use port 80 for the API calls. You can also check your Home Remote project. If it’s a different port, it’ll be listed in the URI.

Once setup, email me your IP address so I can connect. Don’t post that in the forum here.

Thanks… working on it.

Cool. It’s pretty late here so I won’t be able to work on it until tomorrow morning. If you get stuck, let me know & I can try & walk you through it.

emailed you, as the port forward options on my router do not match the guide.

Thanks for setting this up for me. I was able to find & fix the error. I’ll try to upload the patch to the stores this evening. It’ll be part of the 4.3.1 release.

Excellent. Great work and support as always.

Confirming 4.3.1 resolved the issue. Thanks again :grinning:

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