YR Weather and svg-files

Yr.no has changed the file format of its weather widget to “svg” format which HomeRemote / Android does not support.
So can I somehow use this image format in my HR?
See the link below.

Use the WebBrowser control. It can display web images.

Thanks Bill it worked with WebBrowser.
But is there any method to adjust the size of the image so that you avoid the scroll lists?
I can find no setting for it.

When I uploaded my update to my tablet, I saw that the image there was much smaller than in Designer.
So there you would have to stretch the image to the right width, is it possible?

Don’t use the Url property, use the Html property instead. In HTML you can set the exact size you’d like for the image.


Thanks Bill!
How easy it will be if you only know how to do :slight_smile: