About Broadlink support request and thanking you!

Hi Bill!
I found your Home Remote app and started to use a few days ago, already a fan of your work, bought the pro in three different accounts at least to “honor” for now your great job! :slight_smile:

I’m newbie at programming and something else, but already achieved some cool stuff with Designer mode, and studying to try do much more. At first, my concern is only do all I need works, later about really “design” itself.

Reading some pages from this forum I see you’re a great guy, answering almost questions with help/solutions or at least an explanation about why is not possible to do something what someone asking, and this is so cool!

My asking, I saw many people already asked and I saw some replies from you a long time ago, so writing only to know if there are any progress about including Broadlink interface support… Sorry boring you again with this but at least here in Brazil it’s a “cheap” (and almost the only that really works) solution to control IR devices (I didn’t tried RF version yet and will do it soon), with most features we use here with success… Will be so wonderful to have this feature in Home Remote…

When we’re increasing our automation’ stuff we see how is boring to use many different apps to control all these equipment (cause this I found Home Remote). Also having Google Home AND Alexa, some features depends on “press a button” on a smartphone to be faster or has an expected and correct function applied when we didn’t remember exactly command to talk for both to have what we’ve expected. But as I told, is boring switch between apps to do all we need, I use for example Ewelink (great support from your app, I have some outlets and switches), Smart Life/Tuya (also a great support from your app that helpful a lot most important features, I miss only function to turn On of Off a group of lamp bulbs with only one button - or at least I didn’t discover how to yet, and expected to can do cause some rooms have many lamps I wish to On or Off as a group). And I have a lot of IP cameras at home, and your app also helped me so much to have 70% of my needs at one app! The chance to have all my IP cameras and controls of switches/bulbs together at one “page” of app, is wonderful to SEE things happening at same time at that room, even I am at another room!

So Broadlink support will be like heaven to have these another 30% of features I miss to use all apps in one, to control also all TVs, receivers, set-up-boxes, A/C, HDMI Switches, etc… I have a RM3c and a RM4c (this last with humidity and temperature sensor) if you need or want any info to try/test something I’ll be happy to help.

So, concluding, thanks for your great job, and if Home Remote can support Broadlink someday I’ll only use it for EVERYTHING and I’m already telling all my friends about it!!

Thanks for your attention, I don’t know how I can help you with my poor knowledge, but I’m here to test or send you any information you need to try something about Broadlink devices.

Thanks! Glad you like it!

There actually is already a Broadlink feature request. This is not something I’m going to be able to add to Home Remote. I already tried:) You can read more about why it can’t happen in the discussion.

You do have a couple of options:

  1. Set up a Home Assistant controller in your home. They have a Broadlink integration you can use. The Home Remote supports Home Assistant so you can then link them in your project. That will allow you to control Broadlink from Home Remote.

  2. Control Broadlink through our Amazon Alexa integration.

Thanks for your fast reply!
Yeah, I saw this topic you sent, but I honestly don’t have any knowledge about Home Assistant at moment… I tried to install it and see from where to start but really lost about it… Will have to study about it.

About Amazon Alexa I also tried but still no success, I did a test shortcut but didn’t works, I activate the microphone button and tried to talk some commands to “her”, but realized “she” only receive english commands through this button and not a problem but didn’t works same commands the physical Alexa do for me (even talking it in english). So another thing to study about how to. Will be great if I can put some buttons to “scenes” I use with Alexa, will solve 50% of my needs to Broadlink. But I’ll try read more about these functions here in forum or about HA wherever I found information about…

Thanks again!

You don’t need the microphone to use Alexa. Read through this post:

Hi there!
Thanks again, but I’m still having trouble to use Alexa, through microphone or even shortcuts… The microphone I tried to “test” the voice commands she recognize, and I could discover I’ll have to duplicate all my important scenes with english names to work with these shortcuts, but it’s not the problem, cause I did this… And here, I’m out of home (at my job) at my PC using Designer, on simulation mode, I created some buttons to many shortcuts that worked at this PC, to turn on or off lights in a room by it’s name and works only at Designer but don’t when published at mobile, at smartphone app only replies me with “Alexa audio not found” notification message, and the same with scenes - she tells me things as “Hmm, I don’t know that” or “I can’t search for that” or even “I cannot found a group or device named as (scene name at shortcut)”… It’s so boring…

I’ll have to try Home Assistant but I saw will not be so easy cause will have to create a server that I don’t have at moment, but it will put my project in standby for now… I only need to access all my scenes and commands from my remotes at Broadlink, I have all my devices linked to a “universal remotes” I did for each room with all commands needed to use at same screen, and it’s a dream to join all that with these other features I could use at Home Remote :frowning_face:

Thanks anyway!

Hello, Try with broadlink in nodered and then command mqtt from home remote to nodered.