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Hello there,
I am looking for some solution for distributing my hrp project to a device, that is suppporting only apk installation method. We are installing a lot of videogate systems, where the internal monitor is capable of handling android applications, but unfortunatelly there is no possibility to transfer any other file that apk. I can get the designer there, but not the finilized hrp dashboard.
Our smart systems are using fibaro hubs, and we usually install Akuvox videogate system alongside, which is really nice, and it comes with a internal monitor that we could utilize even for the smart home dashboards. However, as i mentioned, there is only one way to get a app into that monitor, and it is a .apk file. Is there any wodkaround, or is it planned for the future ?

What’s the issue? You can’t install Home Remote from Google Play Store so you would like the Home Remote APK? There are some 3rd party sites where you can download the APK, however you will still need Google Play to activate PRO edition.

If you’re asking for a way to convert an HRP into a custom APK file. That’s just not possible. There’s no way to do that. The HRP file loads settings into the Home Remote app APK. HRP is not a compiled fullblown compiled Android application.

There are several different ways to publish an HRP. If you can transfer an APK file, on & off the device you should be able to transfer any file.

Some Android builds don’t recognize the HRP custom file extension. You can rename it to .ZIP. Home Remote can also import ZIP files.

Unfortunatelly, there is no option to get other files to the monitor, than ones with apk extension.
These monitors have a server side interface, where installers can upload their third party applications to the monitor, however, this interface doesnt not allow to select any other filetype but apk.
It sounds weird for me too, but this is how it works. Anyway than you for your help.

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Can you install Google drive or some sort of Downloader?
Is it possible to enable developer mode (andriod settings) and use ADB to push the files?

Edit- as Bill mentioned, you’ll still need Google Play store to activate pro. Install the Play Store?