App crashes with action on variable

I created a Variable in a VirtualDevice.
After pressing actions, + , DataSetter the app crashes.

I need to hide that property. For new projects you should not be using those. That’s a Legacy feature.

Use either EventTrigger Actions on the control itself or Scenes.

Ok, but my nick implies that I have to click on everything :smiley:

Understood. I’ve updated the property visibilities on my dev machine. In the next release, only the DefaultValue property will be visible.

I’m having some trouble now that the other properties have been hidden.
I know they are all legacy features - and I’m doing my best to move them over. But now I’m stuck between versions.
For example, I think I can get around using mapping variables with the latest version of home remote and scenes now that they will accept bindings. But in the newest version, while they still work, I can’t see my mapping variables in the designer. So I’m not 100% sure which variables have legacy features, or what the feature is I have to replicate elsewhere. I’m having similar issues with some of the other options that used to show.
Would there be a way to only hide the properties if the field is empty? That way people who have used it could see it / move it into another function?
Or possibly the “is legacy” option under advanced, which I see brings up some other discontinued functions.

Install the Designer version from the Microsoft Store. That version hasn’t been updated yet.

I can make that work, if that is the best solution. The issue, which is only inconvenience, is that I’ll have to run two versions of the app - one to see the legacy features I have to migrate, and the other with the new version that has the new bindings features in scenes. By no means a deal breaker, I can handle it :slight_smile:
I think I’d also have to delete and recreate the variables that had the extra features so they don’t continue to run in the background after I replace the action in the new version? They appear to be still working, though I can’t see them.

What might help too, is you can also extract the program directory from the new version here. That way you can use both versions simultaneously side by side.

I won’t say it was quick to change over, but I managed to get all the actions off the variables without losing any functionality. The most time consuming to change over were the mapping variables, which are now (67) sub pages using pagebrowsers based on the device selected. The page browser seems to work just as well as the mapping - just a lot of pages to change if I adjust the layout. The rebuild also gave me a chance to get rid of all my “-” dashes in variable names which were legacy too.

I have a few more scripts I need to try to get rid of, then I think I’ll be fully compliant.