App crashes with new update

With the new update Home Remote crashes after a few seconds. Is it a general problem?

I’m not sure. Can you please email me your project? Send it to

Please strip out any information you do not wish to share with me.

It’s the same issue Tony was having. You have 2 EventTriggers in your project that have NULL Event properties. Yours are on pages Belysning.xaml & WeatherStationTile.xaml. See screenshots below. Best thing for you to do is just delete those 2 EventTriggers since they are doing nothing anyway.

You have an additional issue as well but I’m not sure if it’s causing the crash. You have a bad Binding for one of your Labels in ForstaSidan.xaml. To fix it enter some random text & then click “Reset to Default”. This is probably less critical as I think it’s unrelated to the update. The EventTriggers are causing the crash.

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Thank,s Bill,
Now it,s working :+1::+1:

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For anyone else experiencing issues with the latest updates, please update the Designer to version 4.1.3.X. Then open your project in the Designer & Save it. Send the saved file to the apps & it should work. When you Save, the Designer will automatically correct these triggers for you so it doesn’t have to be done manually.

Solved my problem! Had Event Triggers with null events. Thanks!