Are "Virtual Device Variables" and "On Change" Still Supported?

Does the current version of HR still support the use of Virtual Device Variables ? Likewise, do any of the variables still have “On Change” functionality? What I recall as of about a year or so ago was that Device Object variables did not have “On Change” option, so I created a Virtual Device Variable to “mirror” the Device Object variable. Virtual Device variables at that time still had a “On Change” function which allowed me to trigger a script anytime the variable changed.

Today, with the current version of HR, it seems my Virtual Device variable is still triggering a script (I see my mqtt updating) but I cannot find the script anywhere.

Virtual Variable Shot

They are still supported. If you enable the “Is Legacy” Advanced Setting you should be able to see & edit those scripts.

Going forward it’s recommended that you use Scenes instead of ValueChanged.

That did the trick (checking Legacy). Made my changes and then unchecked it again and saved the project. Regarding “Scenes”, I still have not got to where I fully understand how and where to use them. I will go back and look at the example and see if I can migrate my needs over to that.

Thanks for the quick response.