Axis IP Camera plugin

With a lot of help of Bill, I developed a plugin for the Axis IP cameras. The main functionalities are the ability to change the camera preset positions, zooming and navigating through the image (pan and tilt). The navigation controls are hidden under the image which is divided into 9 button tiles to pan and tilt. The center button is used to go back to the “Home” preset position. The plugin works for streams with the default 16:9 aspect ratio and also the 4:3 and the navigation button grid adapts to the right aspect ratio. If a camera has only one preset position, the preset positions combo is hidden.

The following images illustrate how the plugin works and looks.

The previous image shows the stream of 5 cameras live.

The previous images show cameras with different aspect ratios and their controls on top of the image with the minimum space to get the biggest image stream possible.

The following images show the strategy of the hidden navigation grid controls.
camera 3 controls
camera 1 controls
camera 2 controls

I hope it will be useful for others, and please send your feedback and suggestions.

AxisIPCamera.xaml (7.1 KB)
AxisIPCameraPlugin.plugin (3.8 KB)


Awesome!! work thanks for sharing. I was trying to setup but I don’t see an area for port number. Did you consider adding a field for port number?

You are right. I use a VPN so I do not use ports, but it will be easy to add it. I guess the best solution is to add a Setting. I will do it for you.

ok, thanks so much. :+1:

I updated the plugin to add the port. If you leave the port setting field empty it will not pass the port to the url (so it will use the default port 80).
Could you please try it and let me know if it works? Thanks.

Hey, I just tried it but got Response Status code does not indicate success: 404 (not found). I believe it might be the video url. Some video stream url end in /video.cgi or videostream.cgi etc… It might be that. All I have to do is add that in the settings correct? or maybe some code where if it doesn’t work with video try videostream or other known video url’s.

The camera uses the same video stream as the IPCamera plugin so you might want to try to see if you can configure your camera with this plugin, find what changes you need to make and then add the changes to the Axis plugin.