Big thumbs up for Bill

Unfortunately there isn’t a General category so guess Issues was the best alternative.

As the title says it: a big :+1: for Bill. I have quite some experience with support (from different companies) and there aren’t a lot of people like Bill. His support is really great (and fast) and he’s always willing to help. Always trying to improve the software in the interest of his customers. Wondering if he ever sleeps… :wink:

After all his help, I just felt the need to thank him.



No problem Paul! Just glad you guys all like it :slightly_smiling_face:

Bill is not human. He does not need sleep. :robot:

Paul has a good idea; General Category - All things Smart Home related

Hey Guys! I added an “Uncategorized” section & went ahead and moved this into there. Future general discussions can be posted there as well.

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