Dark Designer Theme

Sometimes I like to kick back on the couch with the TV on, lights low, and tinker with my project but, have noticed that the designer is very bright.

My Windows theme is dark and I would love for it to apply to the designer. Please consider this if its possible.


Definitely possible. If implemented though, it’ll probably be setting in the Designer itself rather than just use the Windows setting.

This would be great to have, I support this idea.

Along the same lines as this - is it possible to have the ios app auto dim after a period?

Autodim after 10 or 20 seconds of inactivity.

In theory this should already be possible, although I didn’t try it myself. Furthermore you would need to create the dimming functionality on every page in your project.

I use the dimming functionality for highlighting a specific part of the page and dimming other parts after clicking on a button, but I guess it can also be used with the Idle Event functionality (see Idle Events in 3.10.0).

The dimming is created by controlling the visibility (IsVisible property) of a transparent rectangle that covers the entire page and is on top of every other element. You have to experiment with the color and opacity of that rectangle.