Devices like Fire Stick


I would like to know if it is possible to order devices like Amazon Fire Stick ?

Because I see some have icons with the possibility of switching on this type of device but I do not know how to do it, thank you.

Wow, probably with Armony…

I am using my Logitech Harmony hub integrated with Home Remote. So can turn on / off those AV devices in Harmony Activities.

Yes, I understood later how you were doing :slight_smile: Unfortunately I don’t have Armony but BroadLink brand IR devices, Not supported by HR :frowning:

Question : Armony can understand the signals from the Fire Stick remote? Because I can’t do it, it’s a specific wifi protocol.

Yes my Harmony remote can control the FireTV 4k stick for navigation and playback controls.

It uses Bluetooth connection I believe.

Some setup details here on the Logitech site.

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To solve the problem I just ordered a Harmony Hub :slight_smile:

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Arghhhhh not compatible with GH and Alexa in EU. Incredible.

Please, how to find Harmony codes ? thanks

What isn’t? I’m in the EU also.

Logitech Harmony have an Alexa skill and a Google Home service.

If I remember correctly add a new device to your Harmony hub / remote with manufacturer name “Amazon” and device name “Fire TV”.

I forget exactly how I did it.

My Harmony Elite remote is connected to the Fire TV via Bluetooth and its shown in the Fire TV settings as a Harmony keyboard.

what i mean is if i built an air conditioning unit in harmony, how do i find the air conditioning codes in HR? Am I trying all possible values ​​in capabilities?

harmony is a horrible app, it’s amazing. I can’t wait to make HR understand everything.

Download and install the MyHarmony PC desktop application. I use that for setup and configuration rather than the Harmony mobile app.

If you have successfully added your Air Conditioning device in to Harmony and it is working OK in Harmony, then look at the commands in the MyHarmony software for the Air Conditioning device first to get their names.

Find the name of the command:

Here is an example how I added a button to send the “Info” command to my AVR amp using the Harmony / Home Remote integration:

In this example this is the binding I am using in Home Remote:


and the command is:


Here is the device in the Home Remote “Explorer” panel on the left hand side in the Designer.


This is how I worked it out anyway…

wow ! Many thanks @cw-kid !!

You can also get an IR receiver for Fire Stick and control via IR if you have a Global Cache IP/IR device.

Really do you have a link?


Here’s what I use for my Global Cache and Fire Stick

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Here are the details on what I used :

Y Cable :

USB IR Receiver :

Then there were xbox controller codes you could use for all the controls.

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