Domodial Dasboard


I present to you the remote control made with the help of ideas from the community and the enormous work of Bill and his involvement in the forum.

The inspiration is based on the interface of LifeDomus which I find very clean and which matches what I like. There is still a lot of work of important pages and priorities to access them.

I would wait for the help of my wife to tell me what needs to be changed for better use on a daily basis. I still have a lot to learn with HR and use things that I either didn’t have the time to or didn’t understand.

The enormous joy would be the TrueImage so that the lighting with the image comes alive according to the devices and is a reflection of reality.


Input from the spouse is gold! I certainly had to do a “training session” to show her how to navigate around and startup the different A/V activities but she picked it up quick! The best input I get is “oh, I like the light bulb thingy with the slider”. Lol

What are you using as your HR devices? Phones, tablets, ect…?

Looks great!

Thank you.

I am using a smartphone. the interface works well in portrait position. but landscape is catastrophic because I find it difficult to understand the grids with * or without.

I can’t get what I want. it is quite complicated to stall everything well and for me it is a very big difficulty. so I will take the time for a tablet version starting from scratch.

what I wanted was to make sure that my equipment was well recognized and it is. Bill did something wonderful that you have to learn to master.

Beautifully designed. I also planned to make a landscape tablet version but after using my phone for a couple years, by the time I made a tablet version, I made it in portrait. The design just made more sense. My next step is to incorporate Sonos. Would you mind sharing your hrp? It would give me a good head start.

I post the source tomorrow.

@gregkinney this is HRP

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Thanks so much! I’m excited to get started integrating Sonos.

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