Fibaro Home Center 2 remote access?

Next to Vera Contollers I also have a Fibaro Homecenter 2. All showed up nicely under “Devices” I also have added some devices on the HC2 to Groups. Within my local network everything works fine, but remote access does not work for the devices on the HC2. I only see their names show up in the app but no status. I have have a Fibaro ID-account and enabled remote access tot the HC2. How can I get this to work ?

Fibaro does not provide 3rd party cloud access through their API. At least to my knowledge anyway. The documentation on their website is strictly for local access using the Home Center IP address. What most do for remote access is either port forwarding or a VPN. I think those are your only 2 options.

OK tried port forwarding. What do I have to fill in in my Unify router in field “Port” and “Forward Port”
Who can help ?

I’ve never worked with a Unify router. I would just Google Port Forwarding, you should be able to find some help.

You basically need to forward the Fibaro HC2 IP & port number in your router config.

I did quite some googling, made the changes in my router for port forwarding, but no luck till now.
Has anyone here succeeded in getting access to Fibaro HC2 outside your local network?

Still no luck with this one… In Imperihome app I could enter an external host name next to local ip adress and this worked.
How can I arrange remote access to Fibaro Home Center 2 from The Home Remote. No users here that have HC2 connected to The Home Remote app ?
Any help is very appreciated !

The IP address you give the Home Remote doesn’t have to be the IP address of the controller. It doesn’t have to be an IP address either. It can be a Host Name too. Try entering your external host name.

If this URL works in your web browser, the external host name will also work in Home Remote.

I have portforwarding up and running. So I can connect to my HC2 remotely from my iPhone successfully.
But I cannot get it to work in The Home Remote.
At Properties I have filled in:
Type = FghcClient (automatically filled)
HostName: my external IP adress
Port: 1002
Username: the email adress to log in to HC2 as usual
Password": my login password for HC2
Version: HC2
Procotol HTTP

In The Home Remote I only see the names of the devices on my Fibaro, but not te value. If I synchronize I get after 20 seconds “please wait” the message “an error occured while sending the request”

Who can help me further ?

Update: when my iPhone is on local network it does not work with current Settings. When I try remotely it DOES work.
At home we use an Android tablet for our home automation, so it is always on the local network.
But I have a iPhone and my wife an Android (Samsung) phone that can be on local network but also remote.
How can we use The Home Remote both ways with 1 set of settings ?
I had the idea to copy the Fibaro HC2 under devices, 1 with local settings and 1 with remote settings but then I have all the devices connected to the HC2 double, that is not a good option…

You could do like this user did for his HomeSeer system. He came up with a pretty clever solution of adding a DNS entry to his home’s router that forces all outgoing traffic to that external address back to the local instance.

I might be able to add a Alternate Host property to this integration sometime down the road, but my hope was that at some point, Fibaro would provide an “official” method of collecting through the cloud. Much like HomeSeer has with MyHS & Vera has with MIOS remote access. To be honest, they might already have a cloud solution that I’m not aware of.

Thanks again for your reply. that clever solution is out of my league… not that good in networks, routers etc. Could you give me or point me to a step by step description how I can do this ?
I really like The Home Remote, some steps to take and it can replace the Imperihome app that I use for some years. Remote access to HC2 is one of them. My main controllers are Vera but I need HC2 for some zwave devices that don’t work well on Vera.
Then I will gladly buy 2 or 3 licenses and keep on promoting it on the Vera forum :grinning: :smile:

I myself have not done this & it is probably going to be different for every router.

Do you know, does Fibaro have a cloud solution? Can you use their app remotely? They might have a better way of connecting remotely that doesn’t require port forwarding or any changes to your router.

Thanks for promoting the app! I appreciate that!

What router do you have? I have done this on a couple routers so may be able to help depending on the model.

I have a unify router

Yes they have a cloud solution called Fibaro ID. You can acces itvia
It works remotely via their own app. I think I’ve read somewhere it’s not accessible via other apps??

you need to use a domain name or dyndns and call your url like or without the port with a reverse dns and a domain name. try the first solution with dyndns.

Hi thanks for your reaction. What you show is how to set up port forwarding. I did this already successful. So now I can have remote access to my HC2 in The Home Remote by filling in my external IP adress in Settings: with the portnumber (1002). But then it does not work anymore when I have local connection.
I don’t have a registration at a dynamic dns server yet. I did some googling. I found some dyndns servers that are free and also supported by my Unify router.
I would like to try this but will it work then in TheHomeRemote also when I have local access (which is most of the time).

If anyone can confirm to have this working I would be very thankful !

What you are looking for is more along the lines of these links:

This isn’t really about DDNS. All DDNS does is what you’re describing, where you can use your URL instead of having to remember your external IP address (which may change). This is definitely worth doing - plenty of free and paid services.

What you want as well is that when a device on your internal network tries to hit your external URL, instead of getting back from the DNS server your external IP, you want to get your internal IP. It is very possible with Unifi, but my apologies I have not been able to sit down and put together more detailed instructions yet.

I have an EdgeRouter with DNSMasq set up to do this very thing you’re needing, and it works with a very similar concept to the 2 links above. However, I have not looked too closely through those links yet to see if they will exactly meet your needs.

Is it safe to assume you have a Security Gateway?

I can help more once the dust from the holidays settles a bit.

Thanks for your reply! I have a Unify Dream Machine with latest firmware. I would be very happy when you can help me further because this is out of my league… :cry:

Ok no worries. Networking is a different animal for sure.

For now, I’d recommend getting DDNS set up. That is definitely step one. I’ll see if I can put together some instructions for the static DNS entry later today or tomorrow.