Global Cache GC-100 timing out

Hi guys,

I was able to implement some global cache based IR functionality for controlling Apple TV (4G) and a couple older LG TV’s. (Thanks for the great interface allowing hassle-free installation of command sets from Control Tower! :slight_smile:

Generally the commands work fine and are responsive, however from time to time after a period of inactivity when tapping on something that generates an IR command, a grey error message pops up on my iphone indicating a timeout or unresponsiveness. After waiting 5-10 secs or so then retrying a couple of times, it works again.

Is anybody having similar issues and if so is it believed to be a Home Remote issue or a GC-100 device issue of some sort? Perhaps a workaround would be to implement some sort of keep-alive (perhaps an IP command from homeseer to the GC-100 device)?

Any help appreciated.



I generally recommend people stay away from the GC-100. That device only supports 1 connection. That isn’t enough. You can have multiple Home Remote apps plus the simulator fighting for that connection. Buy their newer products like iTach, Flex, or Global Connect. All of those devices support multiple connections so you’ll be much less prone to issues like these.

As always, thanks for your quick reply Bill!

Interesting: I thought the GC-100 6/12/18 (I have the 6) series was supposed to be the “big brothers” of the Global Cache IR products.

As far as I can tell, the Flex only supports a single emitter and the Itach IP2IR only supports 3.

Are you saying it is better to use multiple flex’es or Itachs? Are there other better options that can support 6 or more emitters in a single device?



I think Global Connect is the new big brother.

For those you can definitely by them with 6 IR emitters. With their modular design you can probably even get more. It might have to be a special order though. I’m not seeing any shown at this online store. I see a few with 6.

The Flex also supports 3 emitters if you purchase the Tri-Port cable.

It is better to use multiple iTach or Flex rather than a single GC-100.

Apologies, but I wasnt aware of their Global Connect series - am looking into this now, no need to reply to my prior message :slight_smile:

Our messages crossed - but thanks again!

Not sure of your exact use-case - but do not ignore the possibility of utilizing multiple emitters via a single output. You can splice emitter cables together (or simple buy cables that have multiple emitters)
and run multiple devices from a single output on a global cache.

Keep in mind that you’ll get a decrease in range for each added emitter due to additional cable length and driving more IR/LED’s. Usually 3 is the most used in typical practice - but that means you can run as many as 9 devices off a single iTach. You’d also have to make sure that you aren’t using multiple devices that respond to the same codes from a single emitter.

If (for example) you had a Sony Blu-Ray player and a Sony TV, you’d want to make sure you’re running those off separate outputs - and pair up devices on the same output that are less likely to cause a problem (such as running an LGTV, a Sony BluRay, and an AppleTV from 1 output).

This is a far most cost-effective solution and THR supports this out of the box.

Thanks Brian - that is very helpful. However, in my use case I am controlling 4 LG flat panels in different locations (+ a couple of other devices) so I wouldn’t be able to “share” emitter outputs.

But the solution was easy: order a second iTach IP2IR and ebay the GC-100.

But I will keep your solution in mind as it may come in handy in another situation.

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I use x10 powermids, one transmitter that my GC itach flashes and one receiver in each room that I have IR to be controlled. The receivers are flashers so one receiver can cover multiple devices.

Thanks for all of the responses and in particular Bill’s clarification on the connections supported on the various Global Cache devices: I ended up replacing the GC-100 with 2 x Itach IP2IR’s and havent had any IR errors since. :grinning:

I’m going to have to look further into the global connect racks when I rebuild my A/V closet! It would definitely make a cleaner install than the 5 iTach units I’m running.

Quick question… How many connections will the Global Connect allow? I couldn’t find that. I’m assuming this is like the iTach but, in modular form.

That rack system looks nice but I am hoping to be off IR in the not to distant future.

Hi Jeff,

After Bill mentioned that iTach supports multiple connection I emailed GC to find out how many and they quickly replied 5 connections per iTach - so the GC guys are almost as responsive as Bill himself!! :wink::

In any case try emailing them at - you should hear back soon.

Regarding eliminating IR in the equipment rack: I guess we will be stuck with this until the Apple TV folks decide to publish a TCP/IP API. I have heard that it is possible if you are willing to jailbreak the device, but otherwise not - any information to the contrary would be welcome.



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It can be done (without jailbreaking), but I guess Bill would need to reverse engineer it. I know of a python solution and a software called roomie remote that already have an IP solution for Apple TV integrated.

Apple TV is on my watch list. You can vote for it here:

iTach, Flex, & Global Connect all support 8 connections.

I found it on page 2 of their API doc.

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oh, interesting… @MrWassen was told 5 per iTach.

I would think 8 connections is more than enough for the typical user. In light of this, I may scoop up another tablet to wall hang in the great hall of my bedroom chambers. :grin:

That’s right - and I have it in writing from the support guys!! :sweat_smile:

But if it is 8 then all the better…