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Hi Bill. First of all I would like to congratulate you for the excellent work. I used to use the Imperihome interface that ended up being abandoned. I use Homeseer as a solution in my personal home automation project. I just started some tests to make an interface using The Home Remote. It sounds like an excellent option. I would like you to tell me if we can get feedback from Homeseer devices. I created a toggle that correctly turns a device on and off but does not receive feedback when triggered in any other way like hstouch.
Thank you

Thanks Luiz!

Before you begin using the Designer, please add HomeSeer to the actual Home Remote apps. The Home Remote definitely supports getting feedback from your devices. I would like you to test the device in those apps 1st before building something custom. If you’ve already loaded a custom HRP, uninstall & reinstall the app.

If it’s sending the commands correctly that means your EventTriggers are good. I suspect your issue is that you haven’t configured the DataTriggers on the ToggleSwitch correctly.

The best thing to do when troubleshooting is to bind your Attributes to the Text field of a simple Label. Those can help out a ton. This will tell us whether the data is actually there or not. Do exactly like Brian does at the 1:40 mark in this YouTube video.

Were you able to get this working?
Does a Label control show the correct status when the device changes?
Can you provide screenshots showing how you’ve got the switch configured?

Good night Bill !!! I am very grateful for your quick response. I was able to get feedback status through the label and the toggle switch. Thanks for your help.

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I too am a big Homeseer user and am looking forward to incorporating The Home Remote onto several tablets in the theater room and around the house. This looks AMAZING!! Thanks for creating such a useful app.

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