Honeywell Evohome API outside US


Anyone using Honeywell Evohome outside US? I cannot hook my Honeywell because the login brings me to the US User database. Is there a workaround?

Thank you in advance

I believe the current integration will only work with US thermostats. Sorry, there isn’t any workaround. From what I’ve heard, the EvoHome & TCC APIs are very similar but just use different URLs. The problem is that those URLs need a new set of OAuth keys. Only the Honeywell/Resideo staff can generate those keys for me. I did ask a couple years ago but nothing really came of it. I didn’t press too hard because most use cases were here in the US. I can try reaching out to them again.

I thought I heard a little while back that there may be plans to merge the 2. The information was secondhand so I can’t say if there was any truth to that. Not too long ago we had to change the URLs in the app from to I was hoping the change to was the merger of the 2 services, but I guess not.

Thanks for the clear reply!
Unfortunately I switched to Honeywell ( I live in Holland) because my old thermostat wasn’t on the compatibility list. I really hope for this functionality in the future. Someone in Holland was already digging around.

Just out of curiosity, what is the model of your thermostat? I thought most new products like the T series of thermostats are all compatible with the Honeywell Home app. Honeywell Home products I believe share the same app.

Even the Honeywell Home app in Google Play states it supports the T5 & T6 thermostats in both the US & Europe.

It is the ATC928G2000 Evohome thermostat. It works fine with the Google Home Assistant. When I hook this in the GH app I have the choice using Honeywell TCC or Honeywell TCC Intl.
That last one redirects me to the log on for people outside US.

Hi There,

I’m discovering HomeRemote. So far it works great, I’m willing to use it for my home. All services connect, except for Honeywell outside US - exactly as described in this topic.

My thermostat model is ATC928G3000 Evohome. Would be brilliant if the service could be integrated.

Thanks for all the good work.

Yes, another dutchman here as well. I would love to be able to use the international version. Just replying for support!