HTD Lync / MC Whole House Audio System

This is a great and inexpensive whole house audio solution. I was able to create a basic plugin for the Lync 12, but was never able to read the feedback properly which limited usage and effectiveness. It would be amazing to have a fully functional plugin!

I have a Lync 12 system as well and would love to be able to integrate. Any chance your basic plugin is available? Would like to take a look. I have Lync Touch Panels, but an integration with Home Remote would be way better for a few locations.

It looks like the HTD Lync systems use a basic hex command protocol.

Start with this plugin here & just add the HTD hex codes to the commands object in the script.

I’m taking on this project as I have a Lync system. At this point my plugin (which was copied from the Monoprice Projector Plugin) is able to turn all of the zones on and off, so progress!

My question for you Bill is this (since I’m by no means an expert in this type of coding/programming): every zone has an individual hex code for each volume step (zone1 volume 27 for example). Is there a clever way to control this, or would it just be the smart choice to maybe choose a code in steps of 5? I guess what I’m trying to ask before I get too far down the road on adding hex codes is can a slider control be used to go through the various zone volumes given that they’re individual commands per each volume step per zone?

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Make your volume attribute an integer. Don’t use the original hex value. Have your plugin do hex to integer & integer to hex conversions.

Do you have a simple example of that by chance? I don’t mind doing the work, just sort of need a framework to start from.

There are some examples here that you can look through:

If you are new to JavaScript, I recommend reading some tutorials online. You should be able to find answers to many of your JavaScript programming questions by doing a Google search.

Is your plug-in complete? I’m building a new home and just bought the Lync 12 as well and I would like to use Home Remote with HomeSeer.

So, I switched gears pretty dramatically once I started working on it, mostly because I utilized the bluetooth plates with my keypads, which is always going to require me interfacing with a device (usually my phone). What I pivoted to was using some Hubitat/NodeRed/Alexa services in the designer to create my zones and various radio stations we frequently listen to as I bought the Lync system with the echo integration built-in to the amplifier.

To be honest, our listening needs are probably 95%+ echo devices tied into the Lync versus utilizing the Bluetooth functionality, so that’s the route I took.

Thanks for the update, I have the echo integration as well and that’s what we mostly use for music. Just worried about volume control when the music is louder it’s sometimes hard for Alexa to pick up commands. But I’m hoping I can use Home Remote to control Alexa volume.

You for sure can as I am sending some rather interesting phrasing to Alexa routines from HomeRemote and making it actually tune the very specific radio station that I want, on a per room (or every zone “party mode like”) basis. I had to get fairly specific because I have some voodoo switching going on within NodeRed monitoring Hubitat nodes to give the visual effect I wanted on my HomeRemote interface.

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Here is my base plugin for my HTD Lync 12 controller.
HTD Lync 12 Plugin.plugin (62.9 KB)