Hubitat Device Screen

Newbie here trying to start my first project using The Home Remote with Hubitat. The first page I’m doing consists of 3 panels with date/time plus 2 dashboard links and one button overlaid on one of the panels.

Now, just trying to define the first panel with the information from a custom device called “Notification Tile”, but I’m not sure how to define the device.

Here is the device screen:

What goes in the Capabilities? Attributes? Do i need to worry about the “Device Type”, “Tile Template” or Details Template? What happens if I don’t want a Icon?

Properties like DeviceType, DisplayName, Icon, TileTemplate, DetailsTemplate are optional. They are only needed if you plan on including this device in a Tile layout with the DeviceBrowser.

The only properties you need to worry about are the Id, Capabilities, & Attributes. Supported Home Remote Capabilities will be automatically assigned. Based on your screenshot it doesn’t look like the Designer found any supported capabilities, so just leave that blank.

What you’ll need to do is add the attributes you wish to monitor to the Attributes property. This is a multiline property. Place each attribute on a separate line.

…normally you’ll just use the default property values that the HR synchronization assigned. For most devices you should use HR Capabilities & leave the Attributes blank. It’s clear this custom device doesn’t have any standard capabilities so you need to assign Hubitat Attributes to the Attributes property. If you do not know the names for these Attributes just open the Maker API device info link. It’ll show you which attributes are available.