Integration request: Home Assistant support

Home Assistant is an open source home automation platform. I have mine connecting to and automating most of the smart things in my home. Many times I want to manipulate those things manually, and although it’s possible to configure buttons in the Home Assistant mobile app, I would much prefer to have these controls on a page inside Home Remote.

This is something I’ve been meaning to add for a while now. I know it’s possible with a custom plugin or MQTT client, but it’s probably about time for an official integration.

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Would love to see this, I am not sold on HASS interface

Home Assistant is the next planned integration. I will be working on that this month.

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This is great news! HASS interface on tablet and even some add-ons that provide tablet interfaces aren’t that great IMO. I would much more prefer the Home Remote!

Does this mean you will be able to read from HA to get devices and statuses?

Yes. That is correct.

Hi Bill.

I’m very interested on this. I’m starting to “move” years worth of work from a Domoticz + node-red + Imperihome system to HomeAssistant + node-red and would very much like to use HomeRemote to replace the now defunct Imperihome.

Any realistic ETA? Need a Beta Tester?

If not is there some sort of API I can use to make HomeRemote to control my HA? My current integration with Imperihome was built using node-red and IH open API - unsure if HomeRemote has one?


It should be available later this week. It’s very close to being finished.

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That’s great Bill, thanks for letting me know!

Hi Bill, is there any good news for us?
Is it today to brighten up our weekend?

Sorry, I was hoping to have it finished by the end of the day today but I don’t think I will. Sorry, it might be a couple more days. Really close though!

no problems, thanks for the feedback

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Slow and steady. Take your time, I rather have something that works from day one than something full of bugs because it was rushed!

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@bill this is a gentle reminder just to plan my weekend :wink:

Right now my goal is to have it completed tomorrow. I’m pretty optimistic it’ll be ready. But then we still have to wait for app stores to approve the release. That sometimes only takes a few hours but it could take a few days.

Sounds great!

Don’t mean to rush you or anything, really just wanted to plan ahead :slight_smile:

This would be my first time with theHomeRemote so guess I’ll use this weekend to get familiar with the Designer first and then next weekend hopefully will get it all started!


Just to let you guys know, the update was submitted to the stores at the end of the day yesterday. Still waiting on approvals though so you can’t download it yet. I’ll report back once it becomes available.

That’s great, thank you for letting me know

The update is live in the Apple App Store & Amazon Appstore. If you have any iOS or Fire devices, please download the update & give it a shot. Let me know if you run into any issues.