IR commands from unknown device

Hi All, I am very new to homeremote having previously used irule. I am trying to add IR control of my projector screen. I have tried to use the guide given on youtube but the action did not seem the same. I am using a globle cache on blaster output 3. I simply dont know what fields I need to populate to get it working. I have no idea what make the projector is, all I have is the HEX code for each of the commands. If anyone could instruct me on how to make just one command work that would get me going. Maybe a simple .hrp file. Many thanks in anticipation.

This post should help…

Thank you. OK I have imported my 3 separate code sets into the global cache but how do I get a button to trigger one of them. The video says to add a device which then prompts me for the ir device and port but then this:

Please just give me 1 example of how to get a button to fire one IR command. Many thanks

Please see my simple .hrp file to operate my screen down and up. The command does not work, any idea what i’m doing wrong please ?29-07-21 test_screen.hrp (134.4 KB)

You are using the wrong media command. See below, not supported, only media command

You can’t use the HEX codes. They need to be in Global Cache format.

  1. Use iConvert to convert those codes to the Global Cache format.

  1. Test the generated command with iTest to make sure it works. If it doesn’t work in iTest, it’s not going to work with Home Remote either.

  1. Add the code to your custom Home Remote codeset but replace the 1st 3 parameters with a unique command name like “Lower”.

Global Cache Command


Home Remote Command


Try this project.
29-07-21 test_screen v2.hrp (133.0 KB)

Hi Bill, your file works great. I am wanting to learn but finding it difficult to find the information. I was led to believe from the video that homeremote would convert the files. Now I understand and thank you so much for the name of the utility programs I had no idea they existed. Just a few more questions:

  1. How do I know which binding to use when there is often a long list.
  2. Is there any written documentation or further videos other than them on youtube
  3. Im not much of an artist but would like the buttons and backgrounds to look good. Are there any sites you know where i can download them from, paid or free
  4. Did you write this program
    Thank you very much for your answers
  1. For IR devices it’s almost always going to be @Device.MediaCommand. The value you write to it is the value in your CodeSet.
  2. Yes. Here is a link to the documentation.
  3. Start with the built-in icons. The screenshots you see in the stores are using those. There are plenty of places to download icons. is pretty good.
  4. Yes. I am the developer.
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Hi Bill, can you tell me where i’m going wrong here. I’m trying to produce a tile with up and down commands to my projector screen via the global cache IR commands. This tile is in the cinema group
I have tried everything I can think of but no joy. I’m sure It will be a simple mistake ?
210821_Bill.hrp (1.6 MB)
Thank You

You’re referencing a CodeSet that doesn’t exist. In your project you have defined 2 CodeSets: “2” & “Screen_Command”. On your device object you have it referencing “Screen_CommandCodeSet”. The names need to match. So you either need to trim CodeSet off the end of your device object or rename your codeset in the CodeSets collection to “Screen_CommandCodeSet”.