Linear GoControl Garage door opener issues


I set up a zwave garage door opener attached to my vera. The device came into Home Remote with the DoorControl Capability. Using the binding GarageDoorOpener.Door in a label the label changes to opening and closing but it settles on unknown instead of open or closed. I am using the same binding for the toggle with the values open and closed.

Also, this is the result out of the designer. I can’t get the buttons to react at all on my android tablet.

Did your Z-Wave opener come with a little tilt sensor to stick to the physical moving door? I’ve seen a Vera will get stuck on “opening” or “closing” if that little sensor either wasn’t communicating - or it was added as a regular door - rather than a “Garage Door” (which expects that extra sensor input).

Yeah it has a tilt sensor. I have to mount it. I was just simulating the tilt by hand when setting it up. The thing is the Vera web UI registers the open and close correctly but the status just does not make it over to Home Remote. Is it possible I can just treat this a a light switch? The parameters on vera suggest it is a binary light.

Yes it was added as a GD00Z4 garage door opener which was listed in the vera add device dialog.

What’s the “sdata” look like for this device?

The Home Remote should show “Closed” when “status==0” & “Open” when “status==1”. I’ve never tested a Vera opener but it’s supposed to work just like a normal switch.

…one other thing you could try doing is manually assigning the “Switch” capability to it & then just treat it like a normal switch.

device name=“Garage Door Opener” altid=“74” id=“505” category=“32” subcategory=“0” room=“8” parent=“1” configured=“1” lasttrip=“1621697075” tripped=“0” armed=“0” armedtripped=“0” state="-1" comment=""

I see there is no “status” item in the JSON. I’m guessing it is using “tripped==0” for closed & “tripped==1” for open. I can make that change in the next release. For the time being you can manually assign the “ContactSensor” capability to this device to track the state of the door.

Ok, thanks! I will give ContactSensor a try.

Tried ContactSensor. Receiving toast error in designer, “Response status code does not indicate success” 400 (error). App just does not respond to button press, no toast error. Label with binding GarageDoorOpener.Contact = Closed.

Opening garage via physical wall button press or via vera app operates normally but has no impact on label status which remains as “Closed”

The ContactSensor capability is read-only. You’ll only be able to read the state Open or Closed. What I would do for now until I update the app to use “tripped” is to use 2 separate capabilities.

  1. Use ContactSensor to view the state.
  2. Use Switch to open & close it. Set Switch to On to open the door & Off to close the door.

Version 4.2.1 will have a fix so you can use the DoorControl capability.

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4.2.1 was published today. Let me know if this fixes the issues.

Bill just to clarify am use DoorControl.Door with Open and Closed? Will this track the state as well? I will need a few days before I can get to this.

Correct. Those are the values you will use for both control & state.

Hi Bill,

I updated both designer and the Android app to 4.2.1. and did a sync on my vera device and restored the attached sample project to my Android device. I am still having issues. The button is a toggle. Checked opens the door and the label reads “opening” and then the label reverts back to “closed” once the door is open. A second unchecked press the label reads “opening” when “closing” was expected and the door does not close and the label settles on “closed”. I have a normal operation and feedback via Veras web gui and app. I have attached a stripped-down project. I am kind of thinking that this tilt sensor that attaches to the garage door is the other variable. I believe that is what determines the door’s open and closed state perhaps independently of the actual door controller. I am not sure if the tilt sensor sends the state to the door controller or directly to the Vera hub.


Garage_v1.hrp (119.0 KB)

What if you don’t change the Garage from the Home Remote app, but still use it to track the status? Does that work?

The DoorControl should is watching the same “tripped” variable as the ContactSensor capability. Did that solution work that I shared with you last month?

When you open/close the door from Home Remote it does bypass parts of that logic to try & determine opening/closing status which is not reported by Vera. That’s I want you to track status in Home Remote but not change it from Home Remote. That will help me determine if it’s that extra logic that is breaking it.

Manually opening the door with the wall button or Vera web gui and app dont have an impact on the label. The label only changes to opening via a HR checked press but then reverts to closed after a few seconds. I can try your suggestion from last month if the changes you made still support it and it will answer some things for you. Let me know.

If the ContactSensor capability worked last month then it should still work. Nothing has changed with that. The DoorControl capability should be watching the same item as the ContactSensor. They are both monitoring the “tripped” value. When tripped==0 the door is closed, when tripped==1 the door is open.

Ok so I added the ContactSensor and Switch capabilities. Using .Contact for label and .Switch for Button with On / Off. The label is “Closed” Pressing the toggle opens the door and the label does not change (still “Closed”) Pressing the button again does not close the door and the label changes to “Unknown”

Project attached for your reference.

Garage_v2b.hrp (119.0 KB)

Did the ContactSensor capability work in the previous version? Or did you not get the chance to test it?

For the time being, please try to avoid opening or closing the door in Home Remote. Let’s focus on only status. Once we get that working, then we can move onto the commands. Like I said, there’s additional logic that can change the way the “tripped” state is monitored when you change the device from Home Remote.

The other thing you can try doing is monitoring the raw sdata. Send the request for both when the door is closed & open. See if tripped is actually changing to 0 & 1. What a minute after sending a change command just to make sure the sdata has had time to update the new door state.