Loading Scenes on a Yamaha Receiver

Does anyone know how to do this?

I couldn’t find anything to bind to that would change this value.

I have two scenes setup that I need to switch back and forth from quickly.

I have a Yamaha A3050.

It looks like the Scene capability is supported (see attached screenshot). Manually add Scene to the capabilities under the Yamahas zones properties (see attached screenshot). I would imagine the string would be the zone number in numeric form i.e. 1 2 3. Honestly I have never utilized the Scene capability directly via home remote but rather I invoked the scenes via home remotes connection to my vera hub of which I had a Yamaha plugin installed. Give it a shot though…

Thanks, I’ll give that a try as soon as I can keep the designer from blanking all my pages.

Unfortunately, this did not work.

I got an “Invalid variable Room.Scene” error when I click on my button.

I tried binding a label to Room.SupportedScenes but it’s just blank.

Room.SupportedScenes is not the binding you want.

On my end it is

Zone2.Scene, etc, etc…

That was just an additional step I took for a label to see if there were any specific values that were acceptable.

For the button, I used Room.Scene.

What are your Yamaha zones named under devices? They are not Main, Zone2, and Zone3?

No, they are Room, Room1, Room2, Room3.


As a test I tried to get this to work on my Yamaha receiver and I am afraid I experienced the same issue as you did. The best bet is if you have a hub that supports the Yamaha and Home Remote to take that route in controlling scenes. Other than that you can replicate the scene in Home Remote with the commands that are supported.