Missing features like Imperihome or work arounds?


I’m now looking at running Home Remote on one of my wall mounted tablets as a test, as its just been on my phone so far.

Things I’d like Home Remote to do, that either I just don’t know how to do them in Home Remote? or Home Remote doesn’t have support for such a feature or function ?

  1. Auto launch Home Remote app on Tablet reboot / power on.

No setting in the Home Remote app for this.

Work around:

As I am already using Tasker on my tablets, I created a new Task to launch the Home Remote app and a new Tasker profile for Device boot to run this new task etc.

  1. To be able to launch or bring to the forefront the Home Remote app via a HTTP command sent from the Vera controller hub.

Note: Some of my tablets usually have TinyCam Pro running as the primary app, displaying my security cameras. TinyCam Pro is set to never let the tablet sleep or turn off the screen.

Work around:

I used “Tasker Network Event Server” Which enables a little HTTP web server on the tablet, you can then send HTTP commands to it, to then in turn run Tasker tasks etc.

So from a Vera scene or PLEG logic engine action, I can now send this command to the tablets LAN IP to launch Home Remote, via the Tasker task I created in number 1.


If the tablet is asleep with the screen turned off, I can first send this command to the tablet to wake it up:


This runs a tasker task to wake the tablet. (Tablet needs to be rooted I think).

  1. If Home Remote is opened and on screen, prevent the tablet from going to sleep and turning off the screen.

Don’t know how to do this, other than trying to change Android system settings regarding the device sleeping, TinyCam Pro and Imperihome have their own settings within app for this.

  1. Have a confirmation prompt Yes / No to run a tiles action before it just does it, for example to stop you accidently running a scene by accidently pressing a tile, which I have just actually done and turned off my entire house by accidently hitting the Away scene.

Work around here using a Script

  1. Similar to #4 but to have a PIN code prompt where you have to enter a numeric pin code before a tiles action is carried out, for example to stop someone disarming your house alarm by running the Home scene.

Work around here using a Script

  1. Send HTTP commands from Vera to Home Remote app to navigate to a particular dashboard page or maybe show a camera stream etc.

Don’t know how to do this.

I use this on the tablet in my porch, when the front door is opened when armed, the nearby Imperihome tablet wakes up and then navigates to the correct dashboard page with the controls for disarming the alarm etc but they are locked with a pin code as per number 5 above.

  1. Ability to lock down all app settings and configuration with a pin code.

Solution here.

Sure I can think of others later on…

Thank you.

  1. Not currently supported.

  2. Not currently supported. There is a feature request for this here

  3. Not currently supported.

  4. Supported (see link below)

  5. Supported (see link below)

  6. Not currently supported. But I think your work around for item #2 can also handle this. Have Tasker open this URI homeremote://pages/YourPage.xaml

  7. Supported (see link below)

Great thank you very much, I will have a look and see what else I can get working.


I guess that URI can’t be used for opening an auto generated “Group” page right ?

Not currently. I don’t believe that works with Groups yet. Still debating on what format I want to use. I suppose it’ll probably be homeremote://groups/[your_group_name]

Added support for URIs “homeremote://Devices/[DeviceName]” & “homeremote://Groups/[GroupName]”.

Question, you can only go to the main group and not a sub-group page right ?


Home works:


House_Modes does not work:


In Tasker you can create a task using NET -> Browse URL and then using TNES I can send a URL like this remotely to the tablet running Home Remote:

So at least I now have some basic navigational control over the Home Remote app from my Vera controller.

I just tried this and it works and takes me straight to the devices details page.


If I use this URI


It takes me straight to the Vera House Modes details page, so this could be handy also.

Correct. Sub-group is not support yet. That’s definitely planned but at this time it will not work.

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I think there’s a typo here. It should be “Devices” plural, not “Device”.

Yeah just a typo, it works correctly on the system and goes to those devices details OK.

Is there any chance to have a direct confirmation “Continue / Cancel” prompt without the text box accessible via scriptaction ?

I believe you are looking for the confirm command. That is similar to prompt but does not have the TextBox.


Hi, cw-kid

I modified the password protect to a simple click OK protect, you can use it for any button.

You can modify the script to say anything you want for each button you use it for.
Ok Protect.hrp (4.2 KB)

This is a resurrected thread from several years ago. Juist wanted to point out that since then there has been available a simple Tasker plugin that will do what the OP originally wanted, including speaking something on the tablet, running tasks, etc.

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