Off topic - Recommended UK IP cameras?


I have been using FOSCAM cameras for a while with home remote which allow a http browser feed so work nicely - however the reliability of these are terrible (FI9800). One by one they are failing and require constant reset. I am looking for a new system fto replace it… does anyone have recommendation that works well.

Im in the UK so looking at Amazon as an option - ive seen some nice IP camera systems with PIR, floodlight etc but not yet found one that will allow an independent http feed to allow direct integration into THR which is a must for me. ANy advice appreciated.

Do I need to find a RTSP or ONvif? compatible camera?


Hikvision for decent cameras.

Or Ezviz for consumer grade. (Made by Hikvision)

You need at least an Rtsp video stream.

Even better if they also support mjpg video and jpg snapshot.

Onvif is just a discovery protocol so not really needed but a bonus.

Hi Thanks for the advice. I just opted for Brillcam RTSP camera just to test. I saw the Hikvision ones.

I’m in the US but it looks like Amcrest cameras are available on Amazon UK. I’ve installed 3 or 4 sets of those. They are very affordable, not the most features, you get what you pay for, but they have all worked without issue. I can recommend them for low end cameras.

Any modern day Amcrest IP camera will be able to integrate easily into HR. Actually, the days of IP camera compatibility issues with HR are pretty much over once Bill re-did RTSP. ONVIF is a must for me because it allows easy integration into all third party apps and programs.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the advice, the amcrest camera look the same as the brillcam ones, maybe a rebrand? Anyway my first brillcam came and the picture is excellent, much better that the older foscam. Although I also worked out why the camereas were failing,… the ethernet pins were getting wet - I have no connectors fitted to avoid ingress, not sure if they come with them or not,… anyway i cleaned the pins and they are all working again.


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