Pro version not listed in app store

The android app could not be found in the app store. Neither pro or standard. How can I purchase the pro version of the app for android?

Also for me. It no longer shows up in my apps manage apps on the device either so I can no longer open .hrp attachments in emails.

You can download the Homeremote App APK file from here

I’ve send a message to Bill if he can provide the Pro Version APK file.


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Hi Kalle,

Thak you!
I already have the basic version.
I need the pro because the blue label is a bit annoying…

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Thankyou. Do you know why it has vanished from Play store? I need to set up some non techy users and there is no way they would manage installing an apk download.

I think we are reaching the end of this app, they stopped making updates and it was removed from the store

The app is still available for iOS and Windows - only in the Goggle PlayStore (Android) there is no way to get the Pro version. This may be because the app for the new Android version is not up to date or violates guidelines and has therefore been removed from the PlayStore by Google. Unfortunately, the developer is no longer contacting us to fix this problem.


Hello, that is the big problem that we are going to have, as the app on Android is outdated, it will happen on Android and in Windows without backup we have nothing, we are simply going to be left with a program that is useless, without updates.
then it will not be able to run on any device.

Unfortunately this is likely the case, we saw this with irule and it will be a shame in the end but in truth Bill has put a lot of work and effort with the app we have all used for years and supported us directly, I will be disapointed but he has moved on and I thank him for the app and his work.


I have offered to purchase it from him so it simply doesn’t die but there has been no response. There is no need to let this thing die after the amount of work that has been put into it on his end and all of the users end.


Even Apple has an update policy on how long an app can be left “not-upgraded” before they either de-list it or just won’t let it run on newer iOS versions.

I really hope this does not happen but I have slowly started to replicate my remote functions in Home Assistant. There are a lot of features not yet available in HA but they are pushing things out so fast that it may not be long till parity is equal to THR.

Yes I think HA will be most people’s next system.

HA is far away from the flexibility of THR. One of the benefits with THR, is that you can build the interface, exactly as you want it.
I don’t understand why Bill, can’t just make minimum maintenance, so it will not be disabled by Apple and android store.
Maybe a yearly subscription fee?

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Absolutely - now that I’m getting along very well in THR, I would have to recreate everything again.
Yes, it’s a pity that Bill doesn’t even get in touch, then we could find a solution.

I hope Bill is OK. It would make no sense to just let it die. Sell it or open source it.

I have a pretty elaborate system with HA but there is no comparison to THR as a front-end control. Even with HA’s new conditionals for widgets it’s still not as close for flexibility.

Switching over to HA would only be an issue for me because of the serial GC IP2SL iTach do not have an integration.

Is this forum going to shutdown all of a sudden??!!

Bill tells me he is aware and will try and get next week.


Thumbs up, that sounds great :+1: :heart_eyes:

Can you please elaborate? Are you commicating with Bill via email? I’m asking because he has stopped responding to my emails. Please tell him that there are many of us who are willing to pay for a subscription or really whatever it takes for him to simply keep it up to date.


Sorry, I haven’t been singling anyone out. I really have not been keeping on my emails at all. Kind of depends on when you catch me.

It’s up again.

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Hi Bill,
nice to hear from you.
Can we support you in any way?


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