Project fails to run on Android

I started my first very very simple project as instructed in video 2. Project file name is : hr1.hrp. I used One Drive Pro to sync to Android. When I click on hr1.hrp, file is open with “binary” characters and is not executed. Same issue with One Drive personnel. I just have no clue on what to do. Thank you in advance for your support.

Try renaming the file extension from HRP to ZIP. Or try a different file hosting service like Dropbox.

Or try a new different file. Your HRP could have been corrupted during the copy process to the cloud. A simple test would be to download it from the One Drive web browser & open that version you downloaded from the web with the Designer.

so did I, when I clic on the file, I get all the content listed, but no execution.

Not sure I understand what you mean. Can you open the file you downloaded from the web browser with the Designer? If you can’t, that means the files is probably corrupt.

Renamed to zip, transfered to the phone using One Drive. When I click on the zip, the content of the zip file is displayed.
Transfered hr1.hrp to the phone via USB. Same issue, I get many “binary” characters, and the project is not executed.
The designer opens the very same file without any issues and simulator works.
I have the feeling that Android “does not understand” that this file has to be executed. Is there something needed on Android side to get is executed?

The One Drive app may have issues handling custom file extensions like HRP. Try another file hosting service like Dropbox. Or you can always just email the file to yourself & then launch it through the Gmail app.

If you prefer to use USB, I’m fairly certain the Google Files app can process HRP files. I’ll have to double-check.

don’t use gmail, but O365. I’ll give a try

Tried email, same behaviour

I’ve never tested O365 but I know Gmail app works.

I just did tested the the Files app with one of my HRP files & that does work. Attach your phone to your PC & copy the files to the Downloads folder. Then browse the folder with the Files app & select your file. The app will give you the option to open it with Home Remote.

This is really silly on my side. I did not notice that a client has to be installed on Android. But I don’t think the point is made on the first startup demo;) So it works. Thanks! Sorry for that. And it works with One Drive as well. So publish will work which is nice.

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