Publishing to FTP Server

I have set up a local FTP server to act as a local repository for HRP files. The FTP server is running correctly (when used from a conventional FTP client. To be clear, the FTP client is not running on the same computer as the FTP server is running. The client can login to the server, upload and download files.

When I try publish from the Designer ( to that FTP server, I get this error message:

I searched the forum and the documentation for “Invalid URI” but found nothing.

Screenshot from Designer

Screenshots from conventional FTP client

You need to provide the full URL. Also, SFTP is not going to work.


So to be clear… the Designer can publish to an old fashioned FTP server, but not to server running SFTP (and not to a server running FTPS, which isn’t the same as SFTP)… right?

Correct. SFTP is an entirely different protocol.

Windows also has built-in support for the standard FTP protocol. It can be enabled on the Windows Features dialog.

I have FTP server running on

A conventional FTP client also running on the same pc ( which tries to connect to (localhost) can connect without problems.

A conventional FTP client running on a different pc (not which tries to connect to can connect without problems.

When Designer running on a different pc (not which tries to connect to cannot connect. Attempts to connect from Designer produce this error:

Check your credentials. Make sure you don’t have a typo in the username or password fields. If it’s still failing, try with a different set of credentials. Try with a set that only has alphanumeric characters.

On the server, I changed the user account from “something98” to just “something” and now Designer can publish to that FTP site. Weird.

Ref: Set Local Repository for HRP (for members of local group))

In the other thread (linked above) Bill wrote, “You will have to load the initial file like normal but all following loads can pull the file from the FTP server you’ve configured,

What I failed to grasp from Bill’s comment is this:

  1. The first time that you “publish by FTP” (and provide the site, username and password) within the Designer application, it will embed those details in your HRP file.

  2. After you have “published by FTP” you need to go to the FTP server and save that HRP in conventional ways and then load it the old fashioned way (one time) on every phone or device in your family / group.

  3. Each phone / device will see that the new FTP details are in the HRP. From that point forward, each device will use those details to check the FTP server to see if there is a newer HRP there. If yes, each phone / device will automatically connect, download and install the new HRP. You will never need to manually load (“restore”) an HRP file ever again.

Trying to set this up. I manually load the .hrp file and then go to restore and select “yes” to restore from FTP server. I then get Error ( The operation has timed out. I can FTP to the file just fine on my local network.