[Resolved] Designer Runtime loading system Memory until crash

I have been having an issue with Designer crashing and recently, its been getting worse as my project grows.

When I open the Designer, it has a system memory usage of about 40MB. Ok
When I open my hrp, the memory usage climbs to about 175MB. Sure… I could imagine that as normal
When i start the run-time, the memory usage climbs to 325MB. I would imagine that normal too.

When stopping the run-time, the memory does not change. Shouldn’t it decrease?
When I start the run-time again, it climbs up to 466MB
Start,stop,start,stop,ect (as you would do when testing), the memory keeps growing.
When the system memory hits around 75%, the designer crashes.

I’ve tried this with two different laptops (similar spec) and same thing. I also see this with other (peoples) hrp’s from the forum.

Do you have any suggestions?

The Designer is a .Net application. Most of the memory management is done by the GC garbage collector. It’s usually recommended to let that automatically choose when to free up resources. When it chooses to free them can be kind of random. I can certainly look into your issue though.

I do see you are still using an old Designer build. Please install the latest version. There were some pretty significant changes. It targets the latest .Net v4.8 framework instead of v4.6.1. It will also run as a 64-bit app instead of a 32-bit app. You can download it from the Microsoft Store.

I will say too that 1GB is not really off of the charts for a design application like this. It might be worth considering investing in a couple extra memory sticks. I myself have 16GB & rarely run into memory issues unless I’m running a VM or something like that.

Do you have a project you can share? I ask because maybe the issue is easier to replicate with the project you’ve designed. Just strip out any sensitive information.

I had no idea I wasn’t on the latest version. Bill, thank you so much for the information!

Yeah, this machine is lacking memory. Its a “spare” laptop and haven’t really needed to upgrade it.

It looks promising now…
I increased the virtual memory (it was pretty low before) and updated the designer.

I used to be able to replicate the crash fairly easy before (start/stop the runtime about a dozen times), I just did it like 50 times and no crash. Interestingly, the memory was not increasing after a certain point.

So, thank you again! This is really great and I’m relieved now! I don’t have to worry about saving every time I start the runtime lol

Yeah, that’s my fault. I never made an announcement about that until now. So it would have been hard for you to know that.

That’s great news! I did make a few changes more in the release pushed out earlier today that should also help improve performance. Each & every time you start the simulator it has to rebuild your application. I made a change in this release to try & clear up some of those runtime resources when the simulator stops.