Savant inspired UI

Hi, I just wanted to share the UI i made using the Home remote designer, its not completed and needs some more work on graphics and a few features. The UI was mainly inspired in savant’s app UI. I hope it inspires some of you to get some ideas for your own layouts. I use this app for our phones and i have an ipad on each room using another UI which i will share later on.

As always great work Bill with this new update and forum!



Absolutely brilliant. It’s gorgeous!

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wow! I watched the video about 5 times before realizing it was looping. Then I watched it 10 more times. Very clean design!

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@Federico_S I would love if you would share your iPad hrp.

@Federico_S your UI looks amazing, congratulations. I was wondering if you could share with us your .hrp. I would like to see how do you did it. Thanks

@Federico_S I too was looking to create something similar to this. I have tried in Home Assistant but cant seem to get it that way I like. Still feels cheap. Yours looks more professional. Would you be willing to share how this was done or a sample to copy off from?

@gregkinney @diogo.crocetti @rysm83 Hey guys thanks for your comments! :+1: Sorry for taking so long to reply :sweat_smile: i’ll try to make a file with the features included, however as a lot of those features are not natively supported and i had to do a lot of workarounds it will be a bit difficult for you to understand how everything is layered. Perhaps i could try to make a video reviewing the file. I’ll try to pull something up in the next few days. :grin:

definetely following this in the hopes that a hrp files pops up :slight_smile:
Beautiful work.

Hi @Federico_S

Your work is excellent!

I’m from Brazil.

Can you share the .hrp files? I want to do something similar for my house.

I used OnControls, but as it was discontinued, I lost control of my automation.

If there is any cost for this, I can pay.