SmartLife / Tuya Universal IR Remote and thermostate Sensors

Tuya / smartlife integrations are very good for lamps or lighthing but is totally useless if you use as part of your systems some Universal Infrared remote to control non-smart devices.

If this integration be avalable will be a huge evolution because you will be able to read umidity and temperature for thermostates and control TV’s, Ar conditionings and all other stuff even if they don’t have smart integration available.

Hi Jose,
I don’t understand what this has to do with each other?
Both can be controlled intelligently if you have the right hardware.
For example, there are GlobalCache devices and a few others for controlling devices with infrared.
I use many different devices in my system: Z-Wave / Zigbee / infrared / Tado Thermostates / RF433MHz and everything works perfectly together.


I am talking about specific Tuya / Smartlife universal IR remotes, this is the same when we talk about door sensors, thermostats and all other tuya / smartlife products different than lamps and switches, they are not compatible and don’t work properly as they do on smartlife app. I know they have a open library for all kind of products.

I’ve done a bit of googling and now understand what you mean. In my opinion, cloud solutions and devices of this kind are not a good choice for home automation anyway - they are cheap - but that’s the only good thing.

Yes of course there is a lot of “best” hardware solutions, but my feature request is not about how is the best in between smartlife or globalcache.

The feature request is to improove the SmartLife / tuya existing integration for not sonly lamps, but also to Universal Infra Red Remotes, Door sensors, Themperature and Humidity sensors and etcetera

Here is what Bill has said about Tuya:

But there is another possibility of integration:
You can buy a Hubitat Hub, the devices are probably supported there.

THR supports the Hubitat Hub and so you could use all Tuya devices.