Tile not Showing 'Pressed' State

For all my device tiles when I click them to either turn them on etc. I do not get a visual confirmation that the tile was ‘pressed’. In Designer when I run the simulator and click a tile I see it turns a greyish colour, however in my mobile config I do not see that. Its a bit confusing in cases when I click to unlock a door and it takes a few seconds I am unaware if I successfully clicked the button.

Yeah, I know. Feedback on iOS could be better. On Android you get both the click sound & the ripple animation. On iOS you actually should see a very short-lived color change if you leave your finger pressed just a hair longer. The feedback is there, it just definitely could be improved.

There were some significant improvements in this week’s 3.7.0 release to improve the pressed state handling of tiles on iOS. They’ll now shrink a little when you push down on them to give a much clearer indication that they are indeed pressed. If you could, download the update & see what you think.

Much better! I like this update thanks :slight_smile: