Title and artist in one label

I’m trying to build a smal (HEOS) media page. i want to do a ‘artis - title’ label. how do i do this in one lable? With multi binding? And what is the string format in that case?

You can use a MultiBinding along with StringFormat to show multiple values in a single Label control.

On the MultiBinding dialog, add Bindings for those 2 attributes & then reference them in the StringFormat by using curly brackets with the binding index. {0} will represent the Artist. {1} will represent the Title.

Label_MultiBinding_Example.hrp (4.2 KB)

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Thanks. so it’s like .format() in python 3.

Very cool Bill! Is it possible to scroll this label?

Yes. You can add scrolling support to anything with the ScrollViewer control.

Attached is a revised project with that control wrapped in a ScrollViewer.
Label_MultiBinding_ScrollViewer_Example.hrp (4.2 KB)

No, if you are talking about automated scrolling that doesn’t require any user interaction. There’s a feature request for that though.

Auto scroll not working for me

Auto scroll is not supported. You’ll have to use touch gestures or the scrollbar.

OK, sorry when I said that I wanted to scroll I was thinking about auto scroll to show long names