Vera Heater and Thermostat Bug

So I’ve recently been having a few issues with one of my thermostats connected to my Vera via z wave. In app it will show the set point is 29.5 degrees Celsius when in the Vera native app it shows the correct set point (see screenshots). Don’t know exactly what causes this, and trying to change the set point in The Home Remote app does not fix this issue.

Another bug i see is when i try to set the set point of a heater i get this error (see screenshot). I think this happens because the app is sending regular thermostat commands, not the heater specific commands.

When in heat mode the Home Remote app should be showing you the “heat” value from the sdata.

Look in the sdata & see what it has for “heat”.

It indeed says 29.5 for this heater but according to the thermostat’s variables it looks like HR is spitting out the Current Cool Set Point and not the Current Heat Set Point . Even though I have this thermostat set to control a heating only system.

Replace the IP address in the URL below & open it in your web browser. Then search through it to find this thermostat. Look at the values in there. Those are the ones I am interested in because those are the ones the Home Remote is reading. If you need help finding your device in there, send it to me & I can find it for you.

Yeaup I had already looked at the sdata and the set point is reading 29.5. Was just saying that in the Vera variables that it was showing the cool set point at 29.5

"name": "West Basement Climate", "altid": "123", "id": 872, "category": 5, "subcategory": 1, "room": 0, "parent": 1, "fanmode": "Auto", "fan": "Off", "mode": "HeatOn", "setpoint": "29.50", "heat": "29.50", "cool": "29.50", "status": "1", "configured": "1", "batterylevel": "95", "commFailure": "0", "hvacstate": "Idle", "temperature": "24.00", "state": -1, "comment": "" }

Yeah, there isn’t much I can really do to fix this. If the value in the JSON data is 29.5, that’s what you’re gonna see. I don’t know why the data is incorrect in your current configuration.

Try removing & readding your thermostat to Vera.

I do kind of worry the source of the problem is coming from your controller’s device definition files. Removing & readding the device might not be enough. You might have to do a complete reset of your entire system.

Check with Vera support on this issue too. Show them the inconsistencies. They might have a better solution that doesn’t require a full controller reset.

Ah okay I will play around with my config, not a huge issue though. For the ‘Not Implemented’ error im seeing what can I do for that?

Here’s the request it sends when changing the heating setpoint. You can test this in your browser too. Update the IP Address, DeviceNum, & NewCurrentSetpoint.

Heres the response I got

ERROR: No implementation

If that’s what you’re seeing in the browser, that’s what you’ll see in the Home Remote. I really think the thermostat XML & JSON files are messed up in your controller. None of your heating or cooling devices are going to work correctly until those are fixed. Again, I’m recommending a complete controller reset but check with Vera support too. I can’t guarantee a system reset will fix it.

just did some digging and found that since this device is a heater not a thermostat the correct command looks like this. I think HR thinks that this device is a thermostat and adds the ‘_Heat’ when it is not needed.

According to your sdata “West Basement Climate” is a thermostat, not a heater. Category 5, Subcategory 1 is a thermostat. Subcategory 2 is a heater.

Sorry I think I’ve confused you. I have 2 issues one with the “West Basement Climate” where the set point when the thermostat is set to heat shows 29.5 when it is not that. The second problem I have is with a heater called “Interior Climate” where I can turn it on and off fine in HR I just get an error when I try to change its set point.

Show me the sdata from “Interior Climate”. Are the category & subcategory fields different for it?

{ "name": "Interior Climate", "altid": "TSC657_H", "id": 667, "category": 5, "subcategory": 2, "room": 14, "parent": 657, "configured": "0", "setpoint": "25", "heat": "25", "cool": "25", "mode": "Off", "state": -1, "comment": "", "temperature": "21.7" }

It looks like in the current version the Home Remote uses the same commands for both thermostat & heater. I’ll go ahead & make a change so that in the next release if it sees the subcategory is 2 it’ll take off “_Heat”. Should have that posted by the end of the week.

Awesome thanks Bill for sorting this out :slight_smile:

No. That’s different. He’s talking about dual setpoints. Basically when your thermostat is set to “Auto” mode you would have both an active “heat” setpoint & “cool” setpoint. In your case, you’re in single-setpoint mode. Kind of the opposite of what he’s talking about.

it does sound very similar to the issue I’m having, I will ping Rigapapa on the Vera forums to see what he thinks.

Have you contacted Vera support? It likely is possible to get the value you need from status because that does have everything. I’m probably not going to change my entire Vera integration for this 1 issue you are having. My guess is that your thermostat is using an older device driver.